Small community. BIG ideas.

Who we are

The Parkdale­ Cromdale Community League Board is an inclusive, responsive organization open to the community it represents. It is transparent and accountable on all policies and procedures, including financial records.

As part of being an open board, community members are encouraged to participate in any and all activities, programs and board subcommittees; Revitalizing the board and continuing to breathe life into the organization.

Through sharing information, knowledge and other resources within the community, the Board will act as a conduit between residents and members, the City of Edmonton and developers, businesses, other communities and initiatives; and allow community members the opportunity to express opinions and direct the future of their community.

Through our actions, promote the friendliness, safety and well¬being of residents in our programs and services.
— Parkdale Cromdale Community League
April 2017. 2017 Parkdale Cromdale Community League Board of Directors.

April 2017. 2017 Parkdale Cromdale Community League Board of Directors.


To build a strong, healthy, safe, sustainable community engaging friends and neighbours in an inclusive environment through sport, arts, music, heritage, social events and programs.

Values: The Parkdale­ Cromdale Community League Board will, as volunteers, agree to:

  • Operate with integrity by conducting league business with transparency and honesty in order to be accountable and accessible to community residents.

  • Create an environment of respect for all residents and encourage actions representative of the community.

  • Be stewards of the community embracing community history and fostering community spirit to make Parkdale­Cromdale a great place to live.

  • Strive for efficiency setting goals and establishing roles and responsibilities.

  • Conduct business with a communal purpose to create a fun, friendly environment that connects residents and the board.

  • Recognize actions and achievements of volunteers and residents of the community.

  • Communicate with residents by acting as a source and distributor of information pertinent to the community.

  • Provide high quality programs and services that meet the diverse needs of area residents.

  • Focus on community sustainability.


  • Helps build a strong, diverse and proactive community;

    Owns, maintains and rents out the community hall;

    Responds to development and zoning proposals in the neighborhood, including plans to establish non-market housing, assisted living facilities and liquor stores; and

    Holds meetings and provides e-mail updates to members to provide a network by which the City of Edmonton and other organizations can communicate directly with members.