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Community Seed Grant Program



Empowering community members to share their ideas, creativity, strengths and skills to benefit the Parkdale and Cromdale neighbourhoods. It is also an opportunity for community members to address social wellbeing while promoting and developing their own interests and skills. Our overall intention is to support community champions in developing an environment where healthy choices are easy, accessible, and sustainable.

Four grants of up to $500 each.


Activities (Programs or Events) that have not yet taken place with our League
New programs, projects, or activities 
Project materials such as equipment, books, food, etc. 
Hosting or participation in events that support the development of partnerships and actions 


Activities that have already taken place 
Existing programs or activities with no enhancements
Payment/reimbursement for time spent planning, hosting/deploying program or event


Four grants available for the year of 2018-2019
Application will be evaluated on first come first service basis
Application must be submitted minimun 45 days prior to any funding release
Approval through selection/application process (online or paper format)
Applicant must be a member of Parkdale Cromdale Community League (Get your membership here)
Applicant might be asked to present project at Parkdale Cromdale Community League Board Meeting
Program, event or project must take place within the community boundaries
Free usage of the League hall and grounds as needed, subject to rental policies/availability, insurance, etc.
Submission of receipts and final report template within 30 days of completion

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