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Safety, Crime and Community Information


Crime Prevention

The reporting of incidents to the police provides information used to allocate police and government resources to tackle crime. The more incidents we report, the better the awareness is of issues facing the community.


Emergency: 911

• A crime in progress.
• Fire.
• Someone’s life is in danger.
• Someone’s property is in danger.
• Someone’s Health is in danger.



Non-Emergency: #337

• Drug dealing. Record from a safe distance a description of the individuals, car make, year
and license plate.
• Prostitution. Record a description of the woman/man and time/location observed.
• Drinking in public parks or streets. Record a description of the persons, time/location and
any vehicle they may be driving.
• Drunk and disorderly behavior. Urinating in public. Describe the person, time/location.


City of Edmonton put together a nice handy brochure for some crucial information in regards to neighbourhood safety, you can download a printable version here!


City of Edmonton Info: 311

• Graffiti.
• Nuisance properties (garbage spilling out into the alleys/streets, front yard that hasn’t been
cleaned up for several weeks, lawn unmowed for several weeks, sidewalks not shoveled and hazardous for walking).
• Camping in park spaces.
• Camping in alleys or roadways.
• Needles or needle paraphernalia. Do not try to pick up yourself.

• Trees overhanging the road blocking traffic sight lines.
• Noxious weeds.
• Construction sites that are not properly fenced.
• Noise disturbances.
• Stray dogs
• Needles or needle paraphernalia. Do not try to pick up yourself.


Neighbourhood Watch: New and Improved

“People helping people to prevent crime.”

In 2014 the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch program was revamped. New is the Neighbourhood Ambassador program. You can volunteer to be responsible for one block, or a portion of your neighbourhood.  An evening training session is provided by the Edmonton Police Service. There you learn about the options for volunteer Ambassadors. Our Community League is committed to supporting individuals interested in taking on this role. To learn more check out

Other Useful Phone Numbers

Community Liaison Officer: 780.421.2602
Bylaw Community Officer: 780.442.0432
Crime Stopper: 1.800.222.8477
SCAN (Problem Properties): 1.866.960.7226
Report a Drag House: 780.426.8229
Report a John: 780.421.2656

Report Online @



Alberta Avenue Community League (9210 118 Avenue) 
Beacon Heights Community League (4418 118 Avenue) 
Bellevue Community League 
Beverly Heights Community League (4209 111 Avenue) 
Delton Community League (12325 88 Street) 
Eastwood Community League (11803 86 Street)
Elmwood Park Community League (12505 75 Street)
Highlands Community League (6112 - 113 Avenue) 
Montrose Community League (5920 119 Avenue)
Newton Community League (5520 121 Avenue) 
Spruce Avenue Community League (10240 115 Avenue) 
Westwood Community League (12139 105 Street)