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Parkdale Cromdale Community League Hall

11335 85 Street, Edmonton Alberta



See Pricing Schedule below
*Discounts available to league members, reoccurring rentals, and not-for-profit groups. Please send us an email with your Non-profit registration number to receive discount code.


About the Space

The building is situated one block north and three blocks east of the Commonwealth Stadium, nestled in Parkdale’s residential neighbourhood between Sheila Bowker Park and our outdoor skating rink.

Main Hall

Our main hall is great for wedding receptions, conferences, trade shows, performances, fitness or dance classes, and more. The hall is approximately 1,500 square feet and has a maximum capacity of 140 people. The hall connects directly to the kitchen and back parking lot which can also serve as a small patio space. The hall has large windows and skylights that provide lots of natural light. Rental includes approved use of kitchen, tables and chairs.


Enjoy cooking in our newly renovated and commercial grade kitchen. The kitchen has been outfitted with a central stainless steel prep table, a commercial stove (6 burner, griddle, 2 ovens) and vent hood, 2 door cooler, and double sink. The kitchen is approximately 320 square feet and comfortably fits several people working at the same time.

Renters will need their own food handling permit.


Our lounge is a perfect place to hold meetings or small gatherings and is approximately 480 square feet. The room is spacious with large windows, wall to wall carpet, comfortable couches, connects to the kitchen and is equipped with a home theatre system for digital presentations.

Craft Room

Our program room offers a clean and bright open space that is accessible to all ages and is approximately 450 square feet. The laminate floors are perfect for high traffic and quick clean-up, and the windows offer a well lite environment. The program room has good counter space and a sink useful for craft activities, and an assortment of toys and play-mats.

Skating Rink & patio

Our full size fenced skating rink can be rented year round for a variety of activities. In 2017, we plan to incorporate a mixed-usage plan for the summer, including garden beds, patio accommodations and sports space.


  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Parking Space(s)

  • Public Transportation

  • Restroom

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Street level access

  • Kitchen

  • Cookwares

  • Dining Plates and Utensils

  • Coffee Maker & Cups

  • Speakers

  • Mics

  • Ice Maker


Whole Hall: $ 60.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 75.00 CAD

Main Hall: $ 45.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 75.00 CAD

Main Hall with Kitchen: $ 50.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 75.00 CAD

Lounge Room: $ 35.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 40.00 CAD

Lounge Room with Kitchen: $ 40.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 40.00 CAD

Kitchen: $ 30.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 40.00 CAD

Craft Room: $ 30.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 30.00 CAD

Small Class Room: $ 30.00 CAD/hr
Mandatory Maintenance Fee : $ 30.00 CAD

Ice Rink & Patio: $ 25.00 CAD/hr

*A Deposit of $300 or a amount equal to the rental fee is required for Main Hall and Whole Hall Rental
*A Deposit of $100 or a amount equal to the rental fee is required for all other rental types
*Discounts available to league members and multi-use rentals


Rental Policies and Insurance

Rental should be scheduled in at least two weeks in advance, and more than 365 days in future

Rental cannot be rescheduled or cancelled in less than 2 weeks in advance

The balance of the rental fee and the damage deposit are due 2 weeks before the rental (both will be cashed). Damage deposits will be returned within two weeks.

Alcohol is not permitted on the premises unless a valid liquor license is obtained and displayed.

The renter is required to provide confirmation of short term rental insurance coverage and/or host liquor liability insurance. Check with your personal homeowner's insurance or commercial insurance provider or purchase rental insurance through Foster Park Baskett.