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Neighbourhood Development Committee 


Purpose 1

Discuss, identify and make recommendations for direction and action to the PCCL Board and, with Board approval, to the City of Edmonton, on community planning and development interests, needs or issues.

Norwood Boulevard Business Revitalization Plan, Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), Northlands Vision 2020, Sonic Boom, Dawson Park/Kinnaird Ravine Master Zone Plan, Mature Neighbourhood Overlay - Infill, Coliseum Station Area Redevelopment Plan, Borden Park Events Programming, Problem Properties, Transportation Orientation Development (TOD) Plan...

Purpose 2

Provide information, reports on appeals, and attend meetings on behalf of PCCL related to community planning and development interests, needs or issues.

Council Committee meetings, City planned meetings

Our appeals are based on:

  • Where the landlord or developer/owner has promoted or been involved in criminal activity.

  • When the new development or renovation can adversely affect the community life through potential gangs, drugs, or criminal activity.

  • When the builder or developer/owner has a known history of not following permits and standard construction.

Purpose 3

Support and encourage residents’ participation and engagement in planning, development, and general residential conditions that may affect community safety, health, convenience, and appeal.

  • Representatives at Meetings: North Central Development Group, Alberta Avenue District Council

  • Coordinated outreach and communications with other Board Directors and Community League Initiatives

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Edmonton has put together several interactive maps along with demographics on all the communities. Wanna see what schools are located on bike trails? You can do that with these maps! Click here to check it out.

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