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Grower's Dozen Community Garden

We believe that through gardening we can connect neighbours and build a thriving community. The youths in our community will benefit from the opportunity to learn a new set of skills, as well as connect with positive role models from the area.

In February 2016, we gathered together a group of likeminded community members that were interested in starting a community garden and we did start one!

In our fourth year, we will not only operate and maintain our communal garden to contribute to Harvest Dinner, but also open up garden bed rental for individuals who are interested in growing their own food.

Event Dates (tentative):

April 27, 2019 - Garden Beds and Patio Building Day + pergola (subject to funding approval)

April, May & June (dates TBD) - Guest Lectures

May 4, 2019 - Season Kick-off Clean-up Party (confirmed)

May 12 - Mother’s Day Potluck Brunch & Plant Swap

July - Gardening Brunch (TBD)

August - Gardening Brunch (TBD)

August 17/18 - Pickle Fest

September 21 - Harvest Dinner to all community members

Lettuce turnip the beet, beet, beet, beets...
— Gardener


Pilot Year (2016)


In our first year, we partnered with a local youth group and built a small garden consisting of 4 raised garden beds and one squash patch within the community league land. We also took the initiative in beautifying the league grounds. 



The milestones we achieved in 2018 included building four composters with recycled pellets and completely renovating the front garden by the community league hall. All 24 raised garden beds were utilized for communal gardens and personal rentals.



Harvest Dinner

Who doesn't like ending the growing season with a party!? Close to the end of every gardening season, we harvest the produce that we grow and host a free dinner for the whole community. On September 15, 2018, we had a record high turnout of 130 neighbours at the dinner! We promise we will only serve the freshest!


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