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Free Meditation Intro Classes (Resuming November 15)

Hello! Would you be interested in joining a meditation group? Together we can develop our ability to feel deep contentment and peace, no matter how spiritual we are, or are not.


A meditation practice can empower us through self-connection, and self-compassion. We will focus, and relax, uniting our minds and bodies as a community. Our goal is Yoga (union). 


Every First & Third Thursday of the month from 8:10- 9:00 pm

Parkdale Cromdale Community League Hall (11335 85 Street)

Together we will:

·       As a group, explore various mental, and physical exercises (ex, candle gazing, breathing, chanting). These practices (exercises) will help build our meditative ability, even if we do not personally feel/believe in spirituality.
·       Learn how to accommodate our bodies in order to relax and enjoy stillness more easily (ex. Using chairs, cushions, and other props as we explore our posture).
·       Spend a maximum of 10 minutes in silent, seated meditation.
·       Recharge ourselves through live sound/music.


Please note* At this moment we can only provide the space, chairs, and restrooms. We encourage you to bring*

·       Your mat or blanket you can comfortably sit/lay on.
·       Cushions, bolsters, Yoga blocks etc.
·       Water to drink (ideally before and after the session).
·       Clothing that allows freedom of movement.
·       Extra layers or a blanket if you often feel cold.

Instructor: Sebastien Bolessa (Picture by Manpreet Singh )

Instructor: Sebastien Bolessa (Picture by Manpreet Singh)

A little bit about me: Trained and certified by Rameen Peyrow, founder of the Sattva Yoga practice, I am an instructor, and yet an eternal student. I love to laugh...I can also be pretty serious. Often I can use some help remembering to laugh at myself.

Sattva Yoga is an expression of Hatha and Raja Yoga. It emphasizes the synchronization of one's breathing with both flowing movement and with the inward journey that comes with added time spent in postures. At the end of practice we begin to shift toward an experience of Raja Yoga, deepening our awareness of each breath, and develop a restful, yet strong capacity for meditation.

I have always been immersed in a blend of sound and mindful movement. My experience with music, Martial Art's training, climbing, dance, cycling, and running have all seen such amazing benefits through the foundation, freedom, and union that comes with the journey of yoga.

As a Yoga instructor I feel privileged to show others my practice of Yoga: A deepening connection to such elements of  life as musical sound, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, anatomy, and physiology.

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