Always More to Learn: Neighbourhood Safety and Security

Always More to Learn: Neighbourhood Safety and Security

As the Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador for my north Cromdale neighbourhood, I have learned a lot about crime prevention and safety. I’ve attended workshops put on by Edmonton Police Services, organized block parties to get to know my neighbours, distributed information to my neighbours, and made some real changes to my own home security.

However, a recent break and enter to my home, while I was sleeping, showed me how much more I can learn and do. I realized that I needed more lights in my back and side yards; the police said motion sensors were the best deterrent. That beautiful lattice structure I had built for privacy 8 years ago provided the culprit an excellent ladder to my upper deck; that’s gone now. And, I learned to keep my cell phone charged and by my bed when I go to sleep. If our land line had been cut, we would not have been able to phone 911

Fortunately, the thief was caught. The police responded quickly (seemed like forever, though). Luckily, the mobile phone that was taken from my home office was returned to me. The price of this important lesson: two broken windows, and the loss of a feeling of safety resulting in sleepless nights. The good news is that I have made big changes to my home security.

As safe as I thought I was, crime found a way in to my home. Join other community members on August 15 from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at Parkdale Cromdale Community League for a presentation by Edmonton Police Services. Officers will talk about how we can do a better job protecting our homes and families from crime. You will learn what is common crime in our neighbourhood, and how best to prevent your home from being targeted. Refreshments will be served and childcare available. Look forward to seeing you there.

By Melaine Moore