Hygge 101: The Practice of Coziness

Collins English Dictionary defines the word Hyggeas "a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cozy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing". Last January, CBC writer Katrina Clarke described Hyggeas a ritual that helps the Danish weather, dare we say even enjoy, their long, cold winters. Clarke mentions University of Alberta professor of Scandinavian Studies Natalie Van Deusen’s explanation of Hyggeas being more about feeling cozy on the inside, a warmth inspired by surrounding yourself with good company, rather than solely physical warmth. Hygge emphasizes slowing down and enjoying being in the moment.

You can find the full CBC article by Katrina Clarke here.


 At PCCL we have been inspired by the spirit of Hygge to host three events to help those in the neighbourhood to get out and enjoy our beautiful neighbourhoods in all of their wintry splendor, followed by cozying up in the league with some warm food and drink, and of course the good company of friends and neighbours! 


Our first event will be held on Friday, February 1st with a walk through the beautiful Kinnaird ravine at 6 pm (feel free to bring your flashlight or lantern), followed by porridge, mulled wine and cozy spaces for creativity and conversation. There will be a quiet room for reading and writing, as well as a common space where neighbours are encouraged to bring creative projects or activities to work on alone or collaboratively (knitting, crafts, board games, acoustic instruments etc.) 

You can find all the update on our facebook event page.

Stay warm, Parkdale Cromdale. :)