Exit Interviews with PCCL's Previous Board Members

Exit Interviews with PCCL's Previous Board Members
Our board ensures that the Parkdale Cromdale Community League can enact change and assure the happiness of our community members. We are excited to have new members bring their ideas and skills to the table this year and watch their actions help build the league. As we experience this transition, we wanted to honor a few members who have helped us through the board in the past. 
Theresa Garskey and Raquel Duffek aided us greatly last year as our Secretary and Gaming Director and we wanted to discover more about their experience with us and learn about what they're up to now. Take a look at what we discussed:
Tia: When did you join the community league and how would you describe your time with the league?
Theresa: I joined in the summer of 2016.  I was on mat leave with my son (born in January) and my good friend and neighbor (Katharine) had encouraged me to attend a meeting.  By the end of that first meeting, I was appointed the secretary role and was feeling excited and passionate to make a difference in our community.  I would say my time with the league was truly enjoyable, and the lessons and friendships learned invaluable.  
Raquel: Officially 2016, but my involvement goes back further. One of my first roles was with parks and recreation in the surrounding area. I was fresh out of school at the time and liked working in a community setting. 
It was surreal to be involved in the largest community league board in Edmonton.  I am a total believer in community and wanted to make my neighborhood a positive place for all individuals to live. 
Tia: What were the highlights of your time at the league?
R: My largest responsibility was acting as gaming director. This involves obtaining the requirements for a casino license and coordinating manpower to implement both casino and monthly bingo event's. I was delighted that Margaret Gilbertson took the time to orient me to the role, as the process was challenging. However, it was wonderful to partner with many different community groups and work closely with regulatory govt agencies such as Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
Moreover, my association with treasured individuals such as Deb, Sebastian, Richard, Steven, Alyssa, Margret, Tammi, both Sara's (we have 2!), Kevin, Josephine, Larry, and Martin. Everyone's involvement is a reflection of how we want to enact change for the betterment of our growing community.
T: Getting to know my community better!  Neighbors, business and the nuances of being in such a culturally rich, long-standing part of the city was such a great takeaway.  I almost instantly felt more connected to this neighborhood, feeling protective and defensive about some of the struggles we face as a community.  I felt a responsibility to work with the others to make a positive impact. 
Tia: If there was a "where are they now?" segment on you, what would it include?
T: *Laughs* Older....and wiser and with more neighbors to wave at when we (my son and I) bike past them on the streets.  
R: Happily married. Advocating for mental health, poverty elimination and seniors.
Tia: Is there anything you'd like included in the interview that we haven't mentioned?
R: Yes, the question I'd like to be asked... Who do you identify the most with as an avid community member?
Ultimately, I definitely identify the most with Katherine and Theresa as we try to balance career's & family alongside volunteerism. 
T: I'd just like to add that the community members and Directors I worked with are some of the most hard-working individuals who are so committed to this community. I am so proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know them all better and witness what the power a collective group can make.  

Thank you to Raquel and Theresa for answering these questions and sharing with us. Your contribution to the league is greatly appreciated.