Students PCCL

Interview with PCCL's Summer Students

Students PCCL
Interview with PCCL's Summer Students

Bryce Selzler

Community Outreach

One of the newest additions to the team is Bryce Selzler. He is a 20-year old Business Economics and Law major at the University of Alberta who is going into his 4th year of studies and is taking on the role of Community Outreach for the Parkdale Cromdale Community League. 
As Community Outreach, Bryce plans to ensure logistical support while helping the Program and Arts Coordinator in creating events. He will be working closely alongside Neil Dottor, PCCL’s Membership Director, to create a membership drive to invite members of the community to become a part of our league. Having worked last summer with the Federation of Community Leagues, Bryce is well versed in the procedures that ensure success for a community league. In fact, this position leads him to want to engage further with the city, leading him to the opportunity to work with Parkdale Cromdale Community League.
His aim over the next three months is to not only organize an excellent membership drive but to leave materials that allow for the community league to continue his job long after he is gone. He believes that his role is to “work [himself] out of a job” through providing as many resources as possible for the community league to move forward seamlessly.
Bryce recalls that the best advice he’s been given is “don’t just learn from the mistakes of others, but their successes as well”. Doug Griffis (former Minister of Municipal Affairs for Alberta) provided him with this notion and he believes that it is essential to take lessons from others, especially in the replication of their successes. 
In his free time, Bryce watches Youtube videos about a variety of educational topics and enjoys the television show Suits. One of his bucket list dreams is to be quoted, and although this has happened on a small scale, he wishes to have his words impact people on a grand scale. This goal can be seen in his interest to enter politics after University, which spoke to him due to its multidisciplinary nature. If not, he says that he will enter Law School for the same underlying reasons. 
Bryce is a friendly and motivated spirit and we are grateful for the time he has spent sharing with us. We look forward to his work with the community league and can’t wait to see what he creates.




Tia Galarneau

Program and Arts Coordinator

It is our distinct privilege to introduce our new Community Arts and Programs Coordinator Tia Galarneau. Tia is a 21-year-old university student who will be returning to Concordia University of Edmonton for her final year of her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology and a minor in English. 

While Tia enjoys reading, writing and listening to podcasts, her true passion is connecting with people. It is this passion for people which led her to focus her study in psychology. She hopes to eventually help others build on their strengths to create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities as a psychologist. Her passion for bringing people together in community is what led her to join us at the Parkdale-Cromdale Community League. 

We are pleased to welcome Tia Galarneau!