Neighbourhood Development Committee

Neighbourhood Development Committee
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The Neighborhood Development Committee (NDC) recently met in the league on June 14. The NDC and the members that form it discuss, identify, and make recommendations for direction and action to the PCCL Board. They also provide vital development information to the community and encourage community involvement!

At the committee meetings, members discuss ongoing community development plans and flesh out recommendations for the board to approve. At the most recent meeting Richard Williams, Tamie Perryment, and Jim Gendron were in attendance while Sarah Dotimas and Dorothea Thielmann are also members of the NDC but were unable to make the meeting. An ongoing concern is the development of plans surrounding the exhibition lands. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make the Exhibition Lands info sessions on June 21, we will be writing a blog post about them soon!

Although the NDC faces many challenges, including what seems to be an endless supply of work to do, the NDC has had some recent success. They have managed to reach some members of the City of Edmonton, even with the elusive nature of City Councillors. Recently Allan Le, Colton Kirsop, and James Veltkamp have attended the meeting of the NDC. Allan attended to hear and respond to the parking issues around Commonwealth Stadium events. Colton and James, both city planners, met with the NDC regarding RA9 zoning changes and reflected on our community’s need for height limits on medium density high rise buildings. The major success for the NDC came in the form of heavy involvement in the Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). Through this, the ARP community involvement was not only acknowledged, but in some cases the plan was amended, even going so far as to use the exact wording provided by the community. The NDC is proud to have some successes, but has also learned that the greatest weapon we have in the face of failure is perseverance.

At the most recent meeting Niginan Housing Ventures made a presentation to the committee on future development plans near 118 Ave. Niginan Housing Ventures is a registered non-profit formed to address housing needs. If you wish to attend another presentation, either by Niginan or others, please consider joining the neighbourhood development committee at While if you wish for more information on Niginan and their previous project at Ambrose Place, you can check out their website at:

If you’re interested in getting involved, we would love to see you at future NDC meetings! Simply fill out the short form at the end of this general information article: