A Changing Neighbourhood

A Changing Neighbourhood

The Neighborhood Development Committee (NDC) has been working diligently on the many issues facing Parkdake Cromdale Community league members over the past months. The Committee is made up of two Board members and 3 community members. If you wish to participate on the committee or have any comments please contact the committee chair (Director of NDC) Tamie Perryment by emailing the PCCL email.


Coliseum/Exhibition Lands

There have been a variety of actions taken on this and the NDC has been involved in the District G Collaboration discussing the process and plans for the Exhibition Lands ARP. The Coliseum plans have been discussed at a Council level, and due to agreements the City made previously, there have been limitations on any future plans. For more information check out the global news report below.



Stadium parking/noise isses

The NDC has been working towards addressing the parking and noise issues that affect residents in the stadium area. People attending Stadium events parking in handicapped parking spots will have to also indicate they have a handicapped placard as well as a residential sticker. With the upcoming events over the summer the NDC will let members know of any changes. 

Stadium ARP  

NDC submitted a response to the ARP in February. Please contact the NDC for more information on this report. 


Kinnaird Ravine/Dawson Park

The Parkdale Cromdale NDC wrote a letter supporting the Riverdale Community League concerns over the need to revisit the Kinnaird Ravine/Dawson Park ARP. As the Riverdalians will be very close and possible stewards in their community to any decision made, they reflect the community’s needs. 

Secondary Suites - Bylaw 12800

The City is proposing changes to Bylaw 12800 recommending relaxing the bylaws on secondary suite allowing secondary suites in apartments and infill suites. The NDC has not supported this approach due to the current issues with parking, and the potential for too many residents in one site. Please check out the City Website for more information on this. 


High Rise Apartment Building and High Residential Overlay

The NDC met with City representatives in December, 2017, to discuss High Rise Building height in the Parkdale area. The administration will harmonize the Overlay and update the High Rise apartment zoning, to maintain the height limit of 23 metres. The City will continue to apply the High Rise Residential Overlay where it is currently in effect.   

Please refer to the City report titled Update to the High Rise Apartment Zone and High Rise Residential Overlay 816.1