Recover: Edmonton’s Urban Wellness Plan

Recover: Edmonton’s Urban Wellness Plan

Current research estimates there are about 300 to 600 Edmontonians who are chronically homeless while struggling with addictions and mental health issues at the same time. Many of these individuals have experienced frequent trauma in their lives. These individuals face several barriers, and the right resources aren’t always in place to help them. They often end up in emergency rooms or police custody even though these are often not the most appropriate environments or best ways to help them.

Recover: Edmonton’s Urban Wellness Plan will work to strengthen the social, physical and economic conditions of neighbourhoods, its businesses and individuals in all areas of the city. The following 5 downtown core neighbourhoods are the first geographic area for Recover:

  • Boyle Street,
  • Central McDougall,
  • Downtown,
  • McCauley
  • Queen Mary Park.

Work will move to other parts of the city starting mid June 2018.