It’s Time to Start Your Home Repairs

It’s Time to Start Your Home Repairs

The summer days are long gone. Kids are back in school, the leaves have changed color and fallen, and snow is in the forecast. Fall is here, and winter is right on its heels. So before the air turns icy and snow begins to pile up, it’s a good idea to take care of some home maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future. Read these tips on what you need to do when Old Man Winter starts knocking at your door.


Check Your Roof

Hire a professional roofer to get on your roof and check for any shingles that are loose or even missing in action. If you don’t take care of the problem now, your home might suffer water damage once winter weather brings snow and ice to your neck of the woods. 


Home Insulation

Call in the professionals so they can verify your attic, basement, and walls are properly insulated. When your home is well insulated, you and your family stay nice and warm as the temperature drops. You also might save some serious cash on your energy bill.


Weatherproof those Windows

When the outside air is frigid, you don’t want heat escaping from your home. Prevent this from happening by weatherproofing your windows.This might involve applying weatherstripping or caulk. But if your windows are in terrible shape, replace them with energy-efficient windows. This will also help you save money on your energy bill.



Clean the house gutters. Remove any debris and leaves so that the gutters function properly in the fall and winter. Maybe you can’t clean them yourself because you don’t have a ladder or you’re afraid of heights. That’s okay.  Call a professional to do it for you. If you don’t clean them now, you may find yourself with leaks as well as water damage in your home. 


Air Filters

Want to improve energy efficiency and save a bunch of money? Clean or change your air filters. Allergens, dirt, and dust continuously accumulate in air filters. If you clean or change those filters on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy cleaner air. Your allergies and asthma will thank you for staying on top of this important task. 


Heating and Air Conditioning

Be sure to check your heating and air conditioning before fall and winter arrive. Call a professional to tune up the HVAC by cleaning the air ducts and making any necessary repairs. 


Clean the Chimney

Hire a certified chimney sweep to clean your chimney before the colder seasons arrive. Chimneys that aren’t regularly cleaned can cause house fires. Each time you burn wood in your fireplace, a chemical called creosote builds up on the walls of your chimney. This build up, as well as other things that get trapped in the chimney, can lead to a house fire if it isn’t regularly cleaned by a professional. 


Hunt for Mold

Mold loves to grow during the humid summer months. To keep mold from taking over your home, check any areas of the house that don’t receive adequate ventilation. These areas include basements and places plagued by leaky pipes. Mold can make you seriously ill if it isn’t eliminated from your home. To make sure it is completely vanquished from your beloved domain, call an experienced professional to get rid of it for you.


When fall is waning and winter is around the corner, protect your home by taking care of any necessary maintenance. The time and money you spend attacking any future repair issues will pay off big time when you can enjoy the cold weather months worry free. So go ahead and get those repairs done. You’ll get to spend fall and winter snuggled on the couch with your special someone...instead of worrying about repairs you should have made when the weather was still warm.

Article submitted by Paul Renikin