Got Visitors during Stadium Events?

Got Visitors during Stadium Events?

Temporary Visitor permits are offered in all Residential Parking Program areas.  Residents are eligible for temporary parking permits free of charge. Temporarypermits are available to residents of single family homes and multi-family buildings under four stories in height within a parking program area.  Apply for a permit if you need temporary parking for renovations, out of town guests, seniors, people with disabilities or one-time social events like weddings or barbecues. 

Please allow a minimum of 1 week for review and processing. If approved, a copy of your permit will be provided back to the email address or fax number provided. Approved Temporary Permission to Park Permits must be displayed on the vehicle to be valid.  Parking Services approves and distributes these temporary visitor permits.

Application for Temporary Parking passes can be made online at the City of Edmonton website.

  1. As indicated in the Residential Parking Program notice(s), requests should be submitted a minimum of one week prior to the event.

  2. Each residential address would be eligible for up to a maximum of two (2) temporary parking passes. 

  3. Residents who qualify would have to show proof of residency by way of a valid drivers license / utility bill with name and address.

  4. There are expanded overall parking restrictions in the area for Sunday November 25, 2018. Residents should be advised temporary passes would not permit parking in these areas and would only be valid at those locations where signage indicates NO Parking Except Residents with Valid Permit during Major Stadium events.