Homelessness in Winter

The City of Edmonton and its partners are working together to connect people experiencing

homelessness to supports and housing. As citizens, it's not always easy knowing which number to call or what to do! This is how you can help

What You Can Do responding-to-homelessness-contacts.jpg

For individuals who have no home, winter can be a dangerous time with increased risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Print this quick reference on steps you can take to help someone during the winter months:

WhenTemperaturesDrop - WinterQuickReference.jpg

One of the resources listed is the Winter Emergency Response Guide 2017-18 which includes information on winter shelters, extended drop in hours, warming bus schedule, food, clothing and referrals to services. View it online at:

homewardtrust.ca/WER-guide/ or edmonton.ca/homelessness