Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe

Bicycle Security Tips

  • A good quality U Shaped lock is recommended as they are less easy to defeat
  • Use secure locking practices
  • Secure your bicycle to a bike rack that allows you to lock both your wheel and frame to the rack
  • Take removable parts with you or ensure they are security locked to your back
  • Always lock up your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it alone temporarily - theft takes seconds
  • even when you store your bicycle on private property, ensure it is either securely locked or stored in a garage or shed
  • Avoid locking your bike in an isolated location
  • Avoid leaving your bicycle visible when temporarily stored in your vehicle or if it is stored on a vehicle bike carrier ensure all components are securely locked
  • Record and retain your bicycle’s serial number and important information
  • If your bicycle has been stolen, please report it to the Edmonton Police Service at (online reporting)

Recommended Safer Locking Practices

Retaining your serial number & registering it is crucial!

This ensures you have all the information necessary for law enforcement and insurance if your bike is stolen,and makes it more likely to be recovered and returned to you.

You can download the 529 Garage app to your smartphone or visit Use this free app to record the make, model, serial number and photos of your bike by creating an account or login using a social network account.

Information provided by City of Edmonton