Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips


Below are a few simple and easy tips on how to increase the security of your home.


  • Install security rated locks and deadbolts on all exterior doors. A good quality deadbolt lock should have a 2.5 cm (1 inch) throw. The strike plate should have at least two 8-10 cm (3 -4 inch) screws installed.
  • Use the door locks. Keep doors locked even when at home.
  • Exterior doors should be made of metal or solid wood. Glass or hollow core doors should be avoided.
  • If your home has a glass panel within one meter of an exterior door, install a shatter resistant film on the glass or install security bars.
  • Install a 180 degree door viewer.
  • Never hide spare keys outside your home.


  • Close and lock all windows when you are not at home.
  • Consider replacing ordinary window glass with tempered, laminated, or wire-reinforced glass or with plastic.
  • Install anti-lift, anti slides devices on sliding aluminum frame windows.
  • Keep windows and doors clear of all obstructions such as large bushes and shrubs.
  • Basement windows are often an easy target. Security bars are a great visual deterrent. Or install anti-lift, anti-slide devices. Make sure that whatever device you use has a quick release mechanism in case of fire.

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  • Ensure your fence and gate are in good repair. Keep your gate locked at all times. Install privacy slats in chain link fences.
  • Plant thorny plants under windows to deter intruders.
  • Never leave ladders in your yard. These items could be used to reach the higher windows of your home.
  • Use motion sensitive lights near doors or in dark areas of your yard.
  • Eliminate hiding spots in your yard by trimming bushes and shrubs down to a height of 60 cm (2 feet). Trim up the lower branches of large trees to 1.5 m (5 feet).


  • Cover the windows in your garage so people cannot look inside.
  • Never leave your overhead garage door open. This gives individuals an opportunity to check out the contents of your garage.
  • Install an indoor swinging, solid wood or metal door with a good quality deadbolt on the man door.
  • Keep your garage locked at all times, especially if it is attached to your home.
  • Never leave your automatic garage door opener in a vehicle that is parked outside your home.
  • Lock your car even when it is in the garage.

Neighbourhood Watch Program

Neighbourhood Watch programs are geared towards creating safer communities through crime prevention. It is crime prevention FOR the community BY the community.

Individuals can participate in these programs without membership or an official Neighbourhood Watch program in your community league:

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