Living in an Active Planning Area

Living in an Active Planning Area

There are currently 4 planning initiatives that will directly affect the Parkdale and Cromdale neighbourhoods. These plans will also have implications for the Alberta Avenue, McCauley, Boyle Street, Alberta Avenue, Virginia Park and Bellevue communities. The plans include:


Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan & Transit Oriented Development

This plan has been underway since 2010 with the initial public engagement taking place until 2012. Formal public engagement was reinitiated early in 2016. There was a public open house held on April 20, 2017 at the Norwood Legion to review the highlights of the draft plan. The plan was revised, dated April 24, 2017 and posted on the City of Edmonton website (

During the recently reinitiated public engagement and review process Parkdale Cromdale Community League has made a strong effort to bring people together to ensure that the plan has been put together in a way that reflects surrounding communities’ needs. For the most part, it’s worked.

Stadium Station ARP and TOD is proposed to be adopted in the Summer of 2017 following a public hearing at City Council. A City Council public hearing date has yet to be identified.


Norwood Boulevard Corridor Study

The Norwood Boulevard Corridor Study has been underway since late 2016. There have been 2 workshops to date with the 3rd workshop to be held on June 28th from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at the Ital Canadian Centre.

The workshops have been well designed and engaging. It’s anticipated that the upcoming event will continue to be similar. More information is available at:


Dawson Park – Kinnaird Ravine Master Plan

This planning initiative began in late 2016. Community engagement has corresponded to the 4 phases of the Master Plan with Phase 3 currently nearing completion. There were open houses (May 30th) and a stakeholder workshop (May 31st) to review and comment on Phase 3: Concept Options. It’s timely to go to the website to review the options and participate in the online survey at:


Coliseum Station Area Redevelopment Plan

The public engagement for the Coliseum Station planning process is about to begin. There have been notices delivered by mail to households in and adjacent to the planning area. The plan boundary includes portions of Parkdale and is adjacent to Cromdale. It also includes the Northlands Exhibition property. Open houses to begin the community engagement process are to be held on June 12 at both City Hall (morning) and the Bellevue Community Hall (late afternoon to early evening). As part of the community engagement a “Community Stakeholder Committee” is being formed. More information is available on the City’s website at: