Annual Harvest Dinner

Pie Bake and Cookie Making Night


The festivities will begin with our family friendly pie bake and cookie making night. Like last year we will gather together to make pies. These are not just your regular everyday pies though. These pies will be made with fruits and berries supplied by people in the neighbourhood. Got an overflowing apple tree rhubarb taking up the whole yard? Let us take them off of your hands and make you some delicious pies for the Harvest Dinner. We will also have the kiddos baking some cookies the same night. They will get to decorate the cookies at the Harvest Dinner. If you want to bake with us or just donate some fruits and or berries, just let us know through email or RSVP at our event page

This is a free event for all our community league members! Not a member? you can purchase the league membership ($5) at the event or right here on our website

Harvest Dinner

Last year tables were covered in burlap and a delicious pesto aroma filled the air. Ah, harvest dinner, we have worked all year growing now time to share with those closest to us. I enjoyed socializing with my neighbors and loved the live music. My family attended & donated whatever cost they can afford to come to a great meal. Bon appetit! Please come join us for our 2 nd annual Harvest festival where we make a beautiful meal from our growers dozen garden group harvest.
— Raquel Duffek, Community Member

After the huge success of last years Harvest Dinner we are back again. This year The Growers Dozen along with Parkdale Cromdale Community League are bringing the Harvest Dinner to community league day. Just like last year the free community Dinner will be made primarily with food grown right in our community garden along with some generous donations from local businesses. Last year we only had 4 garden beds and now this year we have 20 and that calls for a real celebration. Get ready for a night filled with food, drinks and entertainment for both the young and young at heart. Oh and did we mention FIREWORKS? Cause there will be a great pyrotechnics show put on by our friends over at Uncle Johns Fireworks.


We have just finalized the menu for our annual harvest dinner!

Greek Salad
Lazy porgies (two varieties),
Borscht soup with break or biscuits

Pie and ice-cream for dessert!

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