Front Yards in Bloom
Supplied by City of Edmonton

Supplied by City of Edmonton

Front Yards in Bloom is a volunteer-powered recognition program that celebrates the efforts of Edmontonians in beautifying our city’s neighbourhoods.  Nominations are accepted from May 20 – June 30 and anyone can nominate as many front yards as they wish! Once a yard is nominated, they will receive a sign in their front yard places between June 15 and July 15. 

Last Chance to Nominate!

Don’t miss your chance to nominate that special front yard that you admire! Let that dedicated gardener on your block know you appreciate their work by nominating their front yard. Front Yards in Bloom is a recognition program all about celebrating the efforts of our neighbours who beautify Edmonton's neighbourhoods.

Nominations are accepted until June 30 in five categories:

·       General: Any variety of plants and features that make you smile when you walk by!

·       Natural: A “naturalized” style that features native plants and reduced water use.

·       Edible: Fruits, vegetables, even flowers that look good enough to eat!

·       Public Spaces: A beautiful space in front of a business, school, community hall, church or other public building.

·       Uniquely Canadian: New for 2017! Gardens that celebrate Canada with red and white flowers or features invoking our shared heritage

You can nominate on our website or by calling 311. Submit a nomination and make someone’s day!


Limited Edition: Uniquely Canadian!

Supplied by City of Edmonton

Supplied by City of Edmonton

Whether you are a new Canadian or have celebrated Canada Day for generations, we are all excited for the 150th birthday this summer! To embrace this unique and special year, we are adding a new category to Front Yards in Bloom for 2017 only called Uniquely Canadian.

Celebrate Canadas 150th birthday with a front yard displaying red and white flowers or features evoking our shared heritage. To participate, see the points below to help you get nominated or assist you in nominating a yard in this category:

  • These front yard gardens celebrate Canada in a unique way.
  • Yards may include flowers with cultural significance such as tulips, or fun features such as ornamental beavers, maple leafs, canoes, or even sculptures or other additions.
  • When nominating, we encourage you to use the comments section of the form to tell us why you think it has a Canadian flair

Think your yard has what it takes? The top 5 winners in this category will each take home a $150 cash prize! If you have built a Canadian-themed garden make sure you get your neighbour or friend to nominate you so that you can be recognized for your efforts.

For more details please visit: